Relationships with others

It is important to widen and improve them

November 14th 2017
How to get along with others is the most important problem that human beings have to solve every day. Work on yourself, therefore, in order to develop the psychic and moral qualities which will allow you to better understand and accept others. For this is essential; to learn to live with all the others, and not only with your family, your friends, your neighbours, your colleagues, those close to you and so on. You must also be able to relate to all sorts of people who differ from you in age, education, social class, nationality and race, in order to become accustomed very early on to all human situations. You cannot know ahead of time the encounters life is preparing for you. So unless you are ready and one day are required to face these situations, you will appear closed, unsympathetic, intolerant and sometimes, unintentionally, even mean. Yes, the measure of a person’s evolution is their capacity to meet others and relate harmoniously with them.