Spiritual master

Their only obligation: guiding us on the path of the light

November 15th 2017
You should not ask that a spiritual master be all-knowing and all-powerful. You have the right to ask only one thing of them: that they serve as a link to heaven for you, that they guide you on the path of light, that they show you the way to God. Moreover, a true spiritual master will not keep you for themself; they will take you further, higher. And if you insist upon staying close to them, they will tell you, ‘No, do not count so much on me. I cannot give you everything. Only God can fulfil you. I can only help you to find the path. If you like, I am like a telephone that enables you to communicate with the divine world, with the heavenly hierarchies, and that is all.’ That is what a true master will say. If they are not a true master, of course, they will make all kinds of promises that will never come true, so it is up to you to be discerning.