Initiatic science

Must not serve materialists

November 17th 2017
There is nothing to be greatly admired in the many brilliant, wealthy and powerful people who place no importance on the life of the soul and spirit. Because they do not seek spiritual nourishment, which alone could fulfil them, they are like starving beasts; and their ambition, greed and voracity finally lead them down paths that are dangerous both for themselves and for those around them. Unfortunately, many so-called spiritualists do not behave any better: they try to satisfy their ambitions and gain the same success as the materialists by the means given to them by Initiatic Science. In doing so they betray the most sacred principles and are thus even more guilty than the materialists. It is clear that they are satisfied and proud of succeeding by these means, but heaven, which does not like to be used for egotistical and self-interested ends, will one day ask them to account for their deeds, and they will be severely punished.