Reflecting well

Before taking action

November 22nd 2017
Before leaping into a task of some importance, try to study the situation carefully. Weigh the pros and cons and even ask for advice, until everything is very clear to you. The blind faith of those who rush into things can only lead to failure. When people do not want to see the reality around them and refuse to take into account all aspects of a situation, they can only fail. Determination is one thing and obstinacy is another. So many undertakings have failed despite the absolute confidence the people had! They lacked experience, they had not properly studied the various aspects of the situation. They imagined that to be motivated with the best intentions and to be completely confident and willing were enough to guarantee success, and that heaven would take care of the rest. No, that is not enough. But once you have thought it through and you see things clearly, you must not hesitate for one moment: you must put aside the slightest doubt so that you are able not only to act appropriately but to persevere whatever the difficulties.