Thoughts and feelings

Are like talismans that can attract or ward off influences

November 28th 2017
You may, as you are walking down the street, without knowing it, pass through a place where a dishonest deed or even a crime is being committed. If, at that particular moment, you happen to find yourself in a negative inner state or with negative thoughts, you resonate with the vibrations produced by such deeds and fall under their influence. You may then be pushed into doing wrong yourself, without actually realizing it is because of the fluidic emanations you received as you walked by. This is why it is so important for you to watch the quality of your inner states, because it is the only effective way to protect yourself from dark influences. Do not rely on amulets, talismans or any other kind of trinket offered to you by charlatans. It is down to you; you have to work on your thoughts and feelings so that you may attract only fragrances of purity and light. These are the true amulets that will protect you.