Inner winters

That we need to prepare ourselves for

November 29th 2017
In anticipation of the approaching winter we all know we must prepare ourselves to face the cold: we think about preparing in terms of the heating, the insulation of our houses, warmer clothes, and so on. Unfortunately, people have far less foresight when it comes to facing the winters within them, and when a dark period befalls them, they are defenceless and can only complain that life has no meaning. It is true that the seasons of the inner life do not return with the same regularity as those of nature, and that they are therefore not predictable. But winter inevitably returns from time to time, and if you learn to observe yourself, each time you will discover certain warning signals within you. So, as soon as you feel this time of cold and darkness approaching, be careful. Prepare the spiritual elements that will continue to sustain the fire and the light within you. Jesus said, ‘Walk while you have the light, so that the darkness does not surprise you.’ This means: make the most of good conditions to arm yourself against the day when you need to face difficulties.