Whatever the conditions may be

December 1st 2017
We hear people everywhere complain that the world is in a bad way. And there they go complaining, all they do is complain and they expect others to set to work and improve conditions. Why do they not begin it themselves? No, they wait, and others do the same and wait too... and this can go on forever. You might say that faced with the immensity of the tasks to be done, you feel discouraged. Well, on the contrary, you must remain courageous, because it is in doing so that you show yourself to be praiseworthy. In pleasant circumstances it is too easy to believe in good and to set to work: everything is simple and agreeable. It is in difficult times that it is important to commit oneself and to persevere, without allowing oneself to be influenced by the conditions. You must learn to count on the powers of the spirit. This is the sign of the true spiritualist: despite bad conditions, despite the storms, spiritualists always try to awaken the powers of the will, of good, and of the light.