We overcome them by rising up to our higher self

December 6th 2017
Roads and paths on land are generally quite congested with traffic, seas and oceans are less so, and flight paths even less; and we can fly through the air at high speeds without coming across any obstacles. What meaning does this have for us? Those who remain attached to the earth, that is to say who only seek to respond to the calls of their stomach, belly and genitals, come meet many obstacles in their path because they come up against the material considerations of those close to them. If they tell themselves, ‘Since that’s the way it is, I’ll go out onto the water’, which corresponds to the astral plane: feelings, emotions, they will move forward more freely, but there they will also come into conflict with other people’s desires and passions. ‘So then, I’ll go up into the air’, the mental plane, the domain of thought. It’s even better, space opens up more widely before them, but there they will be confronted with people with different philosophical, scientific, religious or political ideas. If they would like to avoid any future obstacles, they need aim to rise above the realm of air, to the subtle, crystal-clear, luminous regions of ether, that is to say to their higher self.