Is for those who have worked

December 13th 2017
In order to console Christians, the Church tells them, ‘You are poor, weak and sick, but have hope and faith, for God’s love is infinite, and one day you will be on his right side in Paradise.’ So God’s circle must be made up of poor, pitiful wretches dressed in rags! Well no, unfortunately for them... but fortunately for the Lord, he is surrounded only with splendour, with the most luminous, the most powerful and the purest beings. Therefore Christians should not count so much on experiencing in heaven all the bliss they have not known on earth. They should work instead to activate the spiritual powers within them, which will enable them to immediately obtain light, love and joy that they aspire to. When you sow a seed, the four elements, all the powers of heaven and earth are present to sustain your work, and you will soon have flowers and fruits. But if you have sown nothing, nothing will grow, even if you have hope and faith.