Adults must reflect on the needs they awaken in young people

December 15th 2017
Are there many adults who are truly concerned about helping young people become clear-sighted, balanced and strong? No, a great many of them are on the lookout for that which can seduce children and adolescents whose instincts and desires are awakening, and they hasten to satisfy these desires. It begins with toys and then continues with all sorts of objects or activities which are altogether useless or even harmful. Young people would themselves have no idea of such things unless they saw them displayed everywhere in shop windows and promoted by advertising. So many people are guilty of leading young people astray. First of all, they awaken material needs in the young which cannot be satisfied, which leads to frustration, and the desire to obtain dishonestly what cannot be obtained honestly. Then, by trying to convince them that they absolutely need these objects and activities in order to feel well and happy, they turn them away from the true search for happiness and the meaning of life. These people should not be surprised if one day they have to suffer from the criminal behaviour which they have helped to create and nurture.