Its role is to give us warnings

December 17th 2017
Human beings are inhabited by a multitude of entities that have been charged by cosmic Intelligence to watch over their development. If, through negligence or unwillingness, people are destroying something in their mind, heart, or physical body, some of these entities begin to prick and bite them to make them return to the right path. These calls to order are what humans call suffering, and as suffering is unpleasant, they see it as an enemy. But they are wrong! On the contrary, since suffering is a warning, they must consider it to be a friend: it comes only to show them that they have strayed from the good conditions where the path was light and open before them. They must therefore make the effort to understand its language and say to it, ‘May God bless you, I have understood and will rectify my mistakes.’ The moment they have understood and decide to correct things, suffering is given the order to leave them, because it has done its work, it has fulfilled its mission.