Vital necessity for human beings

December 20th 2017
To show an interest in and an understanding of the various forms of spirituality is perfectly acceptable. What is dangerous, however, is to dissipate oneself, to fail to choose one method of inner work in which to engage oneself. The question is not whether we should be Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, or nothing at all. The point – and it concerns each one of us, whether we believe or not – is to settle on a few essential spiritual truths and put them into practice. Spirituality is not an optional realm that we can choose or not, as we do with other disciplines such as languages, art, sports, and so on. Given the structure of human beings, spirituality is a vital necessity for them. Until they become conscious of this necessity, they throw themself into activities that are useless and dangerous, both for themself and for others. Their structure is such that they need to find daily nourishment for their soul and their spirit.