In the spiritual life there is never a sterile marriage

December 24th 2017
In their psychic and spiritual lives, human beings are not uniquely men or women as they are on the physical plane. The mystic who contemplates divinity is like a woman who wants to receive a spark, a seed from God. He devotes himself to the light of God; he opens himself to it, changes polarity and then receives this seed in his soul. He carries it within him for a long time in order to give birth in the world to a divine child. In the spiritual realm, a man, like a woman, can conceive and give birth to a child. In the same way, if a woman devotes herself to the service of God also learns to change polarity, she becomes active and emissive; through her spirit, she can unite with the universal Soul and give it form. There are no barren marriages in the spiritual life, but only on the condition that men and women may learn about the laws of polarity.