True magic

Live and breathe the divine life

December 26th 2017
Every day we must work to make our lives purer and more intense, for it is this life which will work the highest form of magic on our hearts, souls and minds, on the entities and the forces of nature, and even on physical objects. What good does it serve to come to earth and lead a mediocre life? To eat, drink, sleep, work a little to earn a living, and have a few amorous adventures from which to emerge more or less shattered – what is all this compared to an eternity of splendour which awaits those who learn just one thing: how to live? If initiates are balanced, happy and at peace, it is because they have worked to purify their lives, and to render them beautiful and powerful. They have understood that true magic is found in life itself and nowhere else. Yes, to be able to live and breathe the divine life, to encourage others, to stimulate then, to reawaken them and ennoble them is the highest form of magic there is.