Human body, the

An analogy with the great pipe organs in cathedrals

December 27th 2017
If you place a metal or glass pipe above a flame, the heated air will vibrate and produce a sound. And depending on the length of the pipe, the sound emitted is lower or higher. Well, by analogy, we can say that the same phenomenon exists in human beings. Because we too are made of pipes: the spinal cord, throat, oesophagus, intestines, arteries, veins, the nervous system, and so on. And again these pipes can be longer or shorter. When the flame that burns within us – meaning the fire that keeps us alive – passes through these pipes, an extraordinary music is heard, similar to the great pipe organs in cathedrals. A human being thus emits sounds in space and they can be heard and picked up by other beings. Obviously, if this vital energy is not equitably distributed in all the organs of the body, or if it is blocked, a terrible cacophony will result. But I am not really talking about the physical plane. It is mostly on the psychic plane that it is important for humans to succeed in organizing, purifying and enlightening their lives, and then their whole being will emit harmonious sounds. It will be such a symphony that angels and archangels will draw near to listen and be filled with wonder.