Right path, the

Human beings must choose it in all consciousness and freedom

December 28th 2017
The Creator has left his creatures free, and it is their responsibility to understand the direction they must follow in order to find peace, joy and the light. You will say, ‘But why? Wouldn’t it be better if God imposed himself on human beings and dictated the behaviour?’ No, it is they who must make some efforts to understand where their interest lies and become conscious of the reason for choosing such and such a direction or making one choice rather than another. They have to be truly convinced, otherwise they will be like the cattle that the ploughman spurs to force them to plough perfectly straight furrows. What would we gain if we were pushed against our will to follow the path of the good and light? Not much, and we would constantly have to start everything over again. That is why the Creator and celestial spirits leave human beings free; it is they who must understand and feel which path is the best for them.