Divine image, the

We must create within ourselves

January 3rd 2018
Every day, try to create within you an image that embraces all perfections, and by nourishing it, by reinforcing it, you will gradually feel how it can permeate your psychic matter and transform you. It requires persistent work over a period of time, but once you have succeeded in creating this divine image within you, everywhere you go it will influence all creatures in a beneficial way. Human beings, but also animals, plants and stones benefit from your presence because wherever you go, rays, forces and vibrations emanating from you bring order, balance and harmony. So many people wish to be loved and admired and they do everything they can to make it happen. But unfortunately, they only make these efforts outwardly. To be loved, we must change our vibrations, make them more subtle and harmonious, and this is possible only if we have created an image of divine perfection within ourselves as an ideal to be achieved.