Idea, an

Is a living entity which connects us to its friends

January 5th 2018
An idea is not an abstract concept as many people believe; in fact it is a living being of great intelligence endowed with its own particular virtues. That is why, when you work for a divine idea, it acts on you immediately, bringing you everything it possesses. This idea, which dwells in the world of light, not only introduces you to other regions, and other beings; it puts you in contact with all its friends. It is said, ‘Seek the kingdom of God and his Justice and all the rest will be given to you’. You wonder what could be the link between the kingdom of God and ‘all the rest’? Why ‘all the rest’? Simply because the idea of the kingdom of God connects you to many other ideas vibrating in unison with it. Gradually, these ideas come to know you, and as each one possesses a piece of land here, a dwelling there, all their wealth comes your way. Simply because of one idea, you receive every blessing, because on high everything is connected.