Black ink from which we can draw the most beautiful colours

January 10th 2018
Human beings cannot transform themselves if they rebel against the conditions of their life, and if they seek to avoid suffering. I am not saying that you should not look for remedies to relieve your suffering. But at the current stage of development of the earth and of human evolution we cannot avoid suffering. The earth is like a reformatory and a training school at the same time. When humans know how to deal with suffering, they trigger hidden forces that become sources of wealth for them. Those who do everything in their power to avoid suffering remain in poverty – they are like an artist who has no paints for their paintings. On the contrary, those who have suffered can use all the pain they have experienced to give colour, relief and depth to their life. All those who have accomplished great things in life have suffered a lot. From the black ink of their suffering, they were able to draw the most beautiful colours.