Physical body, our

Should become the temple of our spirit

January 11th 2018
Our spirit is an immortal spark issued from the bosom of the Eternal. All the powers and all the knowledge of the Creator are contained in it, and if it cannot manifest these powers and knowledge, it is because it is restricted by the opaque matter of our physical body. But that is no reason to despise our body, like some ascetics or hermits. God has designed our body using great knowledge and wisdom. It is the greatest instrument we have been given, and if we are able to work on it every day to purify and refine its matter, we give it the capacity to vibrate in harmony with spirit. People who despise and neglect their body, like those who seek only to derive sensual pleasures from it, are mistaken. Only if we understand that our body’s mission is to manifest all the splendours of spirit and to become the living temple of spirit one day, only then are we on the right path. How can people imagine that the body God has given us has only one purpose, that of opposing spirit, or of extinguishing the flame of spirit, the very flame that makes us sons and daughters of God?