Strength of spirit, the

Our only strength

January 20th 2018
Spiritual teaching says we should not spend our lives looking for powers on the outside – powers, in fact, we will never truly possess – because anyone, at any time can come and take them away from us. It is far better to work to hold these powers within us, because then no one else will have access to them. This is what we should focus on and work on, because true power lies in this being who lives, thinks and acts within us – spirit. It is spirit who decides, who has the materials available and who undertakes the construction work, using what is good and getting rid of what is defective or harmful. All the rules and methods given by the initiates are intended to promote the complete, perfect, and absolute manifestation of this principle in us which controls everything and has access to everything. As Master Peter Deunov said, ‘Niama sila kato silata na douha, samo silata na douha é sila bojia’– ‘There is no power like the power of spirit, only the power of spirit is divine Power’. We must seek out the true power that lies in spirit, in the deep insight and the authority of spirit.