Celestial entities

How to welcome them

January 21st 2018
Cosmic Intelligence constantly sends cohorts of angelic beings through space to enlighten humans, to help them and strengthen them. You may wonder why you do not receive their help, why you do not feel anything. It is because, through your weaknesses and bad habits, you have gradually formed a shell around you, one that is impermeable to these celestial forces. The only way to break this shell is to undertake a work of cleaning and purification. Every day, be aware that by not giving in to a vice or harmful habit, you are inwardly opening a door to the beings of light. Since so many friends from the invisible world want to help you, why stop them? Clear the path a little, remove things lying around here and there, open up your heart and soul to them by saying, ‘Welcome, spirits of light, I need you, come into my home.’