Science and religion

Must coexist in human beings in order to coexist in society

January 23rd 2018
Just as religion has never been able to annihilate science, science will never be able to wipe out religion, because they are founded on identical laws. There is neither division nor contradiction between the two. Divisions and contradictions exist only in the minds of ignorant people who do not know how God created the universe. Science properly understood can help believers concentrate on what is essential, and religion properly understood gives science its true dimension. Each has its specific function, and within every human being, must coexist both a person of faith and a scientist. Yes, if science and religion are to cease waging war in society, they must first call a truce in each human being, because it is here that the ravages are greatest. When a person of faith opposes a scientist – and vice versa – they believe they are attacking an adversary exterior to themselves. Not at all! They are attacking themselves.