The only way to not lose what we possess

January 27th 2018
You can lose only what does not really belong to you, what has not become fully a part of yourself. At one moment you believe, and the next you doubt; at one moment you are enlightened, and the next you are in darkness; at one moment you love, and the next you love no longer. This means that neither faith, nor light, nor love belong to you. For them to belong to you, you yourself have to become faith, light, and love. When Jesus said, ‘I am the light of the world’, he identified with light. He did not say that the light was in him, or with him, but that he was the light. There is an entire science in these words which we must meditate on and put into practice in every aspect of our inner life. We can lose many things that belong to us on the physical plane. But that which is us, that which has merged and fused with our being, and become flesh and blood in us, cannot be lost.