Hand, the

A magical instrument

January 28th 2018
Our hands are like antennae; they can not only pick up but can also project currents of energy in space. Some people will say, ‘But it’s magic!’ Yes, everything we do is magic, especially what we do with our hands. And true magi are those who consciously know how to use their hands to receive or project currents or forces, to retain or direct them, increase or decrease them. It is the Creator who endowed our hands with such powers and it is up to us to become white magicians who work only with the forces of light. Some of our everyday gestures carry a trace of this ancient knowledge concerning our hands and their power. For example, what do people do everywhere in the world when they meet each other or part? They raise their hand in greeting or shake hands. The hand is thus used as a means of transmission and reception between human beings. That is why you must be especially careful to give only good things through your hands.