Universal panacea, the

Light, love and the life of the sun

January 31st 2018
The sun is not only a star that shines in the sky, regulating the days and seasons throughout the year. The sun is intelligence, as shown by its light; it is love, an impetus toward all that is good and constructive; it is life, spiritual, pure life. The sun implies great science, and it is this science that is the universal panacea. That is why it is not enough just to be in contact with the physical sun: the important thing is to touch, on a higher level, the three principles of light, warmth and life. The true universal panacea – the drink that is said to be capable of healing all ills – was not invented, as we imagine, by some alchemist. To obtain it, we must prepare it ourselves by learning to nourish ourselves with the purest food. And these foods are not limited to those we eat to maintain our physical body: they are also feelings to nourish our astral body; and our heart and thoughts to nurture our mental body, the intellect. To prepare the universal panacea is to endeavour to give our physical body, our heart and our intellect food made of elements that are like those of the life, warmth and light of the sun.