Is all-powerful only in the causal plane

February 5th 2018
We talk about the power of thought, but thought only has true power in its own region, on the causal plane, that is to say on the higher mental plane. The further thought strays from these heights, the weaker it becomes. Of course, in order to face the problems of everyday life with which they are confronted, humans cannot maintain their thought in these higher regions. They must allow it to descend and to dress itself in thick and coarse garments. Clothed in this way, thought becomes almost unrecognisable and loses its power. Once it descends to the level of the intellect (the lower mental plane) and the heart (the astral plane), it becomes heavy and dull and no longer has the same power of penetration. If you want your thought to recover its true power, its ability to meditate and to unite you with heaven, make every effort to rise to the causal plane.