Fire, light the

From spirit to the physical plane

February 8th 2018
You all know how to light a fire. First you put down a little paper, on top of which you place some dry twigs. And on top of this, you add some larger pieces of wood. Finally, you strike a match and set fire to the paper. The paper sets fire to the twigs, and the twigs set fire to the branches. Let us now consider human beings with their different bodies: physical, astral, mental and causal. The flame of the match corresponds to the causal plane, the world of spirit, which is the source of all phenomena in the universe. The match sets fire to the paper (the mental plane, the intellect), which sets fire to the twigs (the astral plane, the heart) which in turn sets fire to the larger pieces of wood (the physical plane). Therefore, everything begins on high with spirit, and then, from body to body, the fire finally reaches the physical plane. No true realization is possible on the physical plane unless you began by working with spirit which, from its place on high, provides the impetus.