Opinions of others, the

Should never make us deviate from the right path

February 10th 2018
When you are sure you are on the right path, let nothing convince you to turn back, especially not the opinions of others. Do not forget that above there are other beings who have sent you here, who watch over you, and who assess your conduct. Those who attach such great importance to public opinion that they neglect the opinion of heaven prove they have not understood what is essential in life. Sometimes, in your desire to serve the forces of good and of light, you can trigger very negative reactions. Those around you – or your family – may be annoyed that you do not consider their opinion, that you prefer the approval of great masters of light. Make every effort to maintain good relations with those around you, but at the same time, persevere in the direction you know to be the best. Sooner or later the others will have to recognize that, in spite of appearances, you were right to choose the path of light.