Law of accelerated motion

Applied to the psychic life

September 17th 2011
You are at the top of a tower, holding a stone in your hand. You can either hold on to the stone or drop it. If you drop it, it immediately escapes your control, as two laws of physics instantly come into operation: the law of gravity and the law of accelerated motion. Yes, not only does the stone fall, but as it falls it gathers speed. Let us transpose this law of accelerated motion onto the psychic plane. Any thought, feeling or action is like a stone you drop into the ocean of energy, and the movement is irreversible. You can neither stop it nor slow it down – on the contrary, it continues to accelerate. That explains why, if you give in to negative thoughts and feelings or reprehensible actions, you will inevitably be drawn onto an increasingly dangerous course. But as the laws are of themselves neutral, they work for the good as well as for evil. So, if today you make a good resolution, it will also obey the two laws of gravity and accelerated motion. You may decide, for example, not to get angry at the slightest annoyance. It’s just like dropping a stone. To begin with it will not move very fast; you will not feel you have made much progress, but after a while it will become increasingly easy for you to control yourself.