‘glory be to you, lord’

A commentary

February 13th 2018
When I was a young disciple with Master Peter Deunov in Bulgaria, I noticed that he had an intriguing habit. Whatever he was doing, there always came a moment when he stopped, closed his eyes and uttered a few words; then, as if he had retreated to another world, his face expressed something extraordinarily peaceful and deep. One day I succeeded in deciphering what these words were: ‘Slava na Tébé, Gospodi’, which means ‘Glory be to you, Lord’. I thought that if it were necessary for a great master, who is always so closely connected to the Lord to pronounce his name several times a day, all the more reason for us to do the same. And I wanted to imitate him. Throughout the day, wherever I may be, I am in the habit of saying, ‘Slava na Tébé, Gospodi.’ And you too should think about doing this, in Bulgarian or in French or in English, as you wish. Whether you are at home, in the street or at work, stop for a moment, pronounce these few words, so that no one hears you of course, and you will immediately feel connected to the divine Source of life.