Sight to touch, from

The question of freedom

February 14th 2018
Sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch – our five senses connect us to the world around us. Have you considered the fact that we can hear sounds from a distance and see things at an even greater distance, but to feel and touch things we must get closer to them, and to taste them we must even put them in our mouth? Hearing and sight leave human beings freer, while smell, touch, and taste tend to ensnare them, because they have to come closer to objects and other beings. But it is often the case that the higher senses – sight and hearing – lead people to the lower senses. Yes, eyes and ears try their utmost to sign contracts with the nose, the mouth, and the hands. For example, a man who marvels at the beauty of a woman and the sound of her voice, will he be satisfied merely to look at her and listen to her? Very often, he will try to get closer to her and breathe her perfume, caress her, and embrace her. But a sage has learnt how to break this contract: he will make greater contact with the subtle side of beings by means of his ears and eyes, and he will be freer.