How to deal with them

February 15th 2018
Often it is not danger itself that frightens us the most, but the panic we feel when faced with it. Thus, if you find yourself in such a situation, before taking action, remain still for a moment. Do not move or speak; close your right hand, and breathe deeply, all the while linking yourself to heaven, and ask for help. By doing so, you will manage to gain control over your cells, and you will then be able to do what is necessary to save yourself. But if you give in to an uncontrolled movement, it is as if you were blowing up a dam: unbridled currents will surge through you, and you will not be able to save the situation. We have known people to throw themselves out of a window in such circumstances, or into a fire. Faced with danger, remain still for a moment and connect yourself to Providence. You will then feel peace take hold within you – this peace is the essential condition for awakening the forces that will save you. These forces are always present within you, but you must give them the appropriate conditions in which to manifest.