Heaven’s help

Conditions to be met to receive it

February 17th 2018
Imagine someone who has never done much work to earn money. And one day they need a large sum of money to build a house, for example. When they ask for a loan at the bank, convinced that a bank has plenty of money and will surely give them what they need, what kind of response will they get? We all know that on the physical plane such a request is doomed to fail, and yet on the spiritual plane many people expect their application to be granted. They present themselves before the heavenly banks where they lodge their complaints and clamour for miracles, expecting angels and archangels to come down and help them. But what have they ever done to deserve this? Is it enough to recite a few prayers in moments of difficulty for heaven to open its doors, for the sun and all of nature to change their law? If people have never done anything to deserve help from heaven, they will not get it.