Under what conditions they are profitable

February 23rd 2018
When two people begin to discuss something, what do they do? They do not listen to each other, they interrupt each other and they talk at the same time. Yes, they are both so full of themselves that neither of them wants to listen to the other; they are so frustrated with each other that finally, unable to control themselves, they begin to fight. What a lack of intelligence and psychology. They should know from the start that they will never find solutions with such an attitude. But do they really wish to find one? Yes, probably a little, but what they want above all, is to assert themselves, to impose their preferences and opinions. An intelligent person begins by showing a great deal of patience and good will, and above all, they listen very attentively to what is said to them in order to evoke the best in the speaker. It is then that even the most difficult problems can be resolved.