Implies that you are equally determined in both spiritual and in material terms

February 26th 2018
You live in a society to which you have to adapt yourselves. But do not forget to give priority to an ideal, to the world of spirit, and to the light. Someone may say, ‘I could have lived so much better if I had been more concerned with my material situation! What was I thinking when I got involved in spiritual life?’ This only proves that they have understood nothing, learned nothing, and will succeed neither in the spiritual nor in the material realm. Because if they are not yet convinced of the splendour and power of spiritual life, despite all that has been revealed to them, they will be mediocre even in society. Let us be very clear: if you are not convinced of the choices you made in the spiritual domain, if you remain ambivalent and are tempted to step back, you will not accomplish much elsewhere either. Those who accomplish something in society may not all believe in God, but they are surely more decisive, dynamic, courageous and active than many spiritualists, and this explains their success.