Inner sanctuary

Leave one’s worries at the door of one’s inner sanctuary

February 27th 2018
When they enter a mosque, Muslims take off their shoes and leave them at the door. Well, this is what you must do from to time to time with your worries: leave them outside and go within to converse with the angels, with God. You can take up your problems again when you leave, if you really want – rest reassured, they will not be stolen. Some people give the impression that they cannot live without worry. They have to worry about things. And they can be sure; there will always be worry and grief for them, and plenty of it. Why do they not forget their worries from time to time? Even if they complain about them, it seems that for them life must consist of trouble, of conflicts and misunderstandings. Well, this is only a lower form of life, it is not true life. True life consists of putting all negativity to one side and entering your inner sanctuary to commune with beauty, purity and light.