Burdens that can strengthen us

March 1st 2018
Ambition pushes humans towards holding ever-higher positions. But with these positions, these jobs, come ever-greater responsibilities, and there comes a time when they begin to perceive these responsibilities as a constraint, a burden, and a source of complications. These positions they so much desired and to which they have devoted so much time and energy, end up overwhelming them. A spiritual Master must also bear heavy burdens; but because they seek to lead human beings in a divine direction, they find in these responsibilities opportunities to evolve constantly. This does not mean that they do not feel the weight of their burdens. They simply tells themselves, ‘Thanks to this load, I will develop vigilance, I will expand my consciousness,’ and so they advance, grow, and become richer. You too, whatever your position, have burdens to carry. So, therefore, know how to choose and bear them in a way that makes you feel more and more enlightened, reinforced and ennobled.