‘you are gods’

The church should have prepared christians for this awareness

March 3rd 2018
Certain revelations in the Gospels can be considered dangerous, because the meaning of Jesus’ words is not easy to understand for people who lack true initiatic understanding. ‘You are Gods’, ‘You are the salt of the earth’, ‘You are the light of the earth’, ‘Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect’ – how are we to understand these words which present humans in such a sublime light? These revelations have been written down, copied, and printed for centuries, and the task of the Church was to explain them in order to prepare humans for their realization. But to explain to humans that they can reach the perfection of their celestial Father, was not prudent and could have turned them into monsters of pride. As if they had not found other ways of becoming proud. When we do not explain to humans the principles on which to base their faith, and they eventually declare that they have no need of God and claim to be sceptics or atheists, what would you call that? Humility or pride?