By searching for it, we are searching for god

March 5th 2018
Each one of us has a particular conception of happiness that reflects our temperament. Some people are happy in reflection, and others are happy in being carefree and entertained. Some need family life, and others prefer solitude and celibacy. Some are inclined to help their neighbour, to support and care for them, while others want to dominate or destroy them. In fact, every search for happiness is a form of search for God; a search that is more or less wise, more or less enlightened, but still a search for God. Because behind this idea that humans have of happiness, God is hiding. It is he who has placed in them this longing for happiness, so that they may finally find it, in him. And even if, while waiting, humans seek him in all the chimneys, in the sewers, the swamps, and the cemeteries, one day they will understand that they must search for him in the higher regions, in the form of purity and light. There, yes, they will find him, and they will be truly happy.