Meaning of life, the

Is revealed to us by the heart, not the intellect

March 7th 2018
However developed it may be, we must not depend too much on the intellect, with the idea that it will guide us, give us the key to the great mysteries of the universe, or reveal to us the reason for our presence on earth. We must acknowledge, in fact, that at present what is happening is the exact opposite. Instead of revealing the meaning of life to humans, science and philosophy as currently taught and propagated often only dry up their springs, cut their roots, destroy their convictions, and plunge them into anxiety and inner disarray. If you wish to see new horizons open up before you, stop giving priority to the intellect and think more about manifesting the qualities of the heart: kindness, tolerance, and generosity. It is through these qualities that you will discover the inexhaustible springs within yourself, and reveal to you the meaning of life.