Phases of the moon, the

Their influence, and how to use them

March 9th 2018
It is important to learn to work with the different phases of the moon. During the waxing moon, the physical and psychic energies that nature has deposited in humans help them to manifest as a conscious, active, and self-willed being. Then, during the fourteen days of the waning moon, their energies tend to descend in order to nourish their roots, that is to say their stomach and sexual organs. Their appetite and sensuality increase during this period, and their mental activity tends to diminish. Since these alternations exist, and cannot be escaped, we should know how to use them to do psychic work. For example, during the period of the waning moon, you can work on certain weaknesses that you wish to get rid of, repeating, ‘As the moon wanes in the sky, in the same way may such and such weaknesses within me decrease and disappear.’ And conversely, during the period of the waxing moon, you can concentrate on the qualities that you wish either to strengthen or to acquire.