Special seal, the

That distinguishes exceptional beings

March 13th 2018
It is said of some exceptional beings that they bear a mark on their forehead which distinguishes them from all others. This is true, but it is not a mark that a visible or invisible being has placed there from the outside. It comes from within and is a sign of the bearer’s spiritual realizations. Because everything a person lives – their thoughts, feelings, states of consciousness, actions, and so on – is recorded and leaves traces not only around them, but also and especially within them. The manifestations of our psychic life impregnate, shape, and form the whole of our being. This is a law: whenever we manifest kindness, justice, patience or love, these virtues are inscribed within us, and at the same time they create around us a sort of magnetic field that attracts good forces from space that protect us. And because in certain humans this magnetism is very powerful, it could be said that these people are marked with a special seal.