To take several times a day

March 15th 2018
People’s everyday lives consist of a continuous chain of activities and preoccupations which project them towards the periphery of their being. They reach the end of the day exhausted, with the feeling that instead of bringing them something constructive, these activities have drained them. How often have you experienced this yourself! Well, in order to break this exhausting cycle, remember several times a day to pause and remain in silence for a few minutes – an intense silence which is alive, a silence in which your soul and spirit are able to concentrate on and address the Creator, the Source of life. By regularly exercising your faculty of concentration in this way you will succeed in escaping, for a few moments at least, the load and agitation of everyday life, and you will be better equipped to face the difficulties that await you. You will then realize how useful it is to be able to release yourself completely from your worries in order to direct your thought towards the divine world.