Wondering where their satisfaction can lead us

March 18th 2018
Before embarking on any venture, ask yourself, ‘I seek light, peace, balance, mastery – will it be here that I will find them?’ According to the tenets of Initiatic Science, you can receive the correct response right away. Otherwise you may lose even what you already have. Look at businessmen who are always agitated and race the world over to find yet another market, to open yet another branch. They are proud to present their magnificent results, without anticipating how all these responsibilities and activities through which they set out to satisfy their ambitions will destroy their nervous systems. They lose their peace of mind, their balance and their health. And for what benefits ultimately? How many even make serious mistakes and ruin themselves! But yes, look at them, and let their examples make you think! Before setting out to acquire something, or before taking on a certain role or job, always ask yourself where your desires will lead you.