Initiatic science

Look for nothing but methods for perfecting yourself

March 20th 2018
A staunch materialist who rejects the reality of the invisible world is preferable to a self-proclaimed spiritualist who ventures into a world they know little about, in an attempt to exploit it for their own interest, to attract attention to themselves, or to be original. In doing so, they are breaking the laws of the spiritual world, and sooner or later they will have to answer for their transgressions. The knowledge which the initiates have accumulated over the centuries was not meant to be used as it is used today by so many people – the curious, the cranks, the deranged and the crooks. Those who claim to be spiritual must look for nothing else in Initiatic Science than methods of perfection. Any intention other than this goal is not true spirituality. And those who do not know or do not want to know on what paths they venture are in the greatest danger.