Moral progress

Is not proportional to technical progress

March 25th 2018
It does not take much to provide for one’s material life, and yet humans are so busy creating new needs for themselves that they no longer have any time to devote to their spiritual lives. As a result, their material comfort gradually improves, but the psychic and moral state of society deteriorates and we see imbalance that was not present before, with criminal behaviour on the increase. Materially, in the West, we have never been so well off, but in the deepest sense, this ease does not make people happier. After the first moments of satisfaction, it is neither a new car nor a new house that will meet the needs of their soul and spirit. There is no doubt that people are conscious of this decline in society because they spend their time in meetings talking about ‘making changes’. But all the changes they discuss concern only the material realm. Who considers holding meetings to help people live the divine life? That is why, even if business is improving, human beings are in a process of decline.