Everyone receives those they deserve

March 26th 2018
How many people who are dissatisfied with their circumstances, blame their parents for not understanding them, for not providing them with the conditions they needed to flourish, or for setting such deplorable examples. It may be true, but they should not blame them. If they had such parents, it is because they deserved them. Yes, if they had deserved to live in other conditions, they would have had other parents. A person who has worked in their previous lives to become a musician or a painter of genius is sent by divine Justice to reincarnate in a family which provides the conditions for them to develop their talents. If they deserve to be weak, handicapped or sick, this same Justice sends them to a family that transmits weaknesses and handicap. Parents are only responsible in appearance; they should not be blamed, for they were only doing their job. What a person receives from their parents, they have prepared through their conduct over a long period of time. So if they want to evolve, they should take responsibility and get down to work right away.