Invisible world, the

Access to it requires very high moral qualities

March 28th 2018
The possession of psychic powers must never be a goal. With practice, many people can develop a few. But first of all, try to acquire the utmost self-mastery in order to respect the rules of disinterestedness and purity, no matter what. These qualities alone will allow you to make contact with the beings of light and luminous forces of nature. My duty is to warn all those who, without having studied and acquired great self-mastery, claim to help others by clairvoyance and divination, or to cure their physical and psychic disorders by magnetism, imposition of hands, and so on. Very few people have access to the invisible world to read the past, present and future correctly, or to make contact with the forces and psychic and spiritual beings needed to help others. Why? Because working with these forces and beings requires qualities that are even harder to acquire than those that allow us to work in the physical realm.