No justification not to work for the kingdom of god!

March 29th 2018
People must not use their physical or psychic imperfections as a justification for living mediocre lives. Even the most deprived human beings can acquire a higher state of consciousness which will allow them to work for the good of humanity. Some people might say, ‘But it is not possible! I am neither enlightened nor wise nor powerful. How can I help billions of human beings?’ Obviously, you will not manifest the kingdom of God on earth from one day to the next, but from the moment you begin to think of it and to hope for it, you channel your power and your energy in this direction. This work will first produce effects on you yourself: you will rise higher in yourself, and you will ennoble yourself. And since everything we do is not without consequence, in one way or another you will eventually have a favourable influence on the beings around you. In any case, in the eyes of heaven, you can never justify doing nothing.